Monday, November 14, 2011

Schulte & Herr - Simply Fantastic Fare

Ever since Schulte & Herr opened at the end of August, it's been hard to ignore as it's piled up the rave reviews from bloggers and diners in the Portland area. My co-worker (another crazed foodie) and I read the reviews together and salivated. After drooling over the latest review given by The Golden Dish, I just couldn't take the German inspired food visions dancing through my head - I vowed to try brunch that Sunday.

I arrived at Schulte & Herr that Sunday around 11:00 am with the husband, the two kids, and the mother-in-law in tow. We were quickly seated at a table for four and given an extra chair. Apparently we had arrived just in the nick of time, because for the rest of our time there, at least two people would be up against the wall waiting patiently for an available seat. The small, but inviting dining area stayed comfortably full, with locals filtering in and out, some with kids, some in jeans, some in their Sunday best. The atmosphere was so relaxed that no one seemed out of place.

The menu was small, but offered an overwhelming amount of choices for our crew. Everything looked so amazing it was just impossible to choose. Finally , we agreed to try a variety of offerings and share among the table. My daughter got the German Breakfast plate, my son settled on the Belgian waffle, my husband- the Bratwurst, and though I still regret not trying the potato pancakes with lox, I ordered the Sunday roast, and my mother-in-law followed suit.

When the food arrived, the presentation was just lovely.

German Breakfast plate featuring meats and cheeses

Homemade bread basket w/ German Breakfast

Bratwurst with sauerkraut and potato salad

Side of potatoes

Belgian waffle with spiced plum syrup on side

Sunday Roast with acorn squash

All of us eagerly samples each other's plates, and it was hard to say which dish came out on top. The beef roast was so tender it fell apart, and the potato dumplings were soft and delicious. The Belgian waffle was crisp with a soft center, everything a perfect waffle should be. The sauerkraut and Bratwurst was amazing slathered in mustard. We all had to hold back from demolishing my daughter's scrumptious plate of meat and cheeses.
Even though we all cleaned our plates to the last crumb, it was impossible to resist ordering a piece of apple strudel. We ordered two pieces between the five of us, and devoured them with gusto. The pastry was perfectly flaky, and the filling was not over sweet. Our server told us the use of Granny Smith apples kept that in check.

As this fantastic little place garners more and more attention, I know it will become harder and harder to find a seat for Sunday morning brunch. But I also know, I'll be there again, fighting it out for a seat with everyone else who has discovered just how great Shulte & Herr truly is.

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